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Lfd.Nr. Filename Titel 012 Metophthalmus Teneriffa [1.646 KB] Zwei neue Arten von Metophthalmus Motschulsky, 1850 aus Teneriffa (Coleoptera: Latridiidae) Reike H.-P. & Rücker W. H. Entomologische Zeitschrift, 2010, Band 120, Seite 31–37. Abstract. Two new species of the genus Metophthalmus Motschulsky, 1850 were discovered on the Canary Islands, on the Isle of Teneriffa: Metophthalmus fulvus sp. nov. and Metophthalmus obscurus sp. nov. Both male and female and all developmental stages are described. A key to the species is presented. 7 Pages, 26 Line drawings, Language: Deutsch 011 Melanophthalma claudiae [1.493 KB] Melanophthalma claudiae sp. nov. vom Tagliamento, Friaul, Italien (Coleoptera: Latridiidae) Wolfgang H. Rücker & Manfred Kahlen LATRIDIIDAE, Heft 6, Seite 22–24. Abstract. A new species of Coleoptera, Latridiidae: Melanophthalma claudiae n. sp. from Italy is described. The holotype and some paratypes in coll. Tiroler Landesmuseum, Innsbruck, Austria; one paratpe in coll. Rücker, Germany, one paratype in coll. Cornacchia, Italy. Detailed description and five figures of the male genitalia and the habitus are provided. 5 Pages, 5 Line drawings, Language: Deustch Alle Artikel können kostenlos als PDF herunter geladen werden. All articles can be downloaded gratuitously as PDF. Tous les articles peuvent être chargés gratuitement comme PDF vers le bas.
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