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Latridiidae & Merophysiidae

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Colin Johnson & Tarun K. Pal

Latridiidae (Coleoptera from Mizoram, India. Abstract. The paper deals with 11 species under 7 genera of 2 subfamilies, including 1 new species (Corticarina mizoramica) from the Indian state of Mizoram.

Tatyana A. Trikhleb

Cases of physical abnormalities in beetles of the family Latridiidae (Coleoptera). Abstract. Several abnormal specimens of the family Latridiidae were discovered in both urban and protected areas of the Ukraine. A male of Enicmus amici Lohse, 1981 has a short left hind leg with a single-segmented tarsus. A male of Latridius minutus (Linnaeus, 1767) has a single right fore-leg, attached in the middle of the prosternum. Two males of Melanophthalma distinguenda (Comolli, 1837) have curved and asymmetrical genitalia (aedeagi). A male of Melanophthalma extensa Rey, 1889 has a short right fore-leg with a single-segmented tarsus. A male of Melanophthalma maura Motschulsky, 1866 has antennae with merged segments in the stems and clubs: a seven- segmented left antenna with an entire club, and a nine-segmented right antenna with a two-segmented club.

Tatyana A. Trikhleb

Laboratory rearing, description of pre-imaginal stages, and ontogenesis of four species of Latridiidae (Coleoptera). Abstract. Four species of Latridiidae were reared in the laboratory and all the ontogenetic stages were obtained for Latridius hirtus, L. consimilis, L. minutus and Enicmus rugosus. The mature larvae of these four species are illustrated in detail. The duration of development from egg to imago lasted 17 days (L. consimilis, E. rugosus) up to 23 days (L. minutus). The complete life cycle (from egg to egg) lasted 22 days (E.) up to 32 days (L. consimilis). The oviposition rate was 1–3 eggs per day. Egg deposition varied between 20 eggs (L. consimilis) and 40 eggs (E. rugosus). 69 detailed figures are provided.

Wolfgang H. Rücker & Manfred Kahlen

Melanophthalma claudiae sp. nov. vom Tagliamento, Friaul, Italien. (Coleoptera: Latridiidae). Abstract. A new species of Coleoptera, Latridiidae: Melanophthalma claudiae n. sp. from Italy is described. The holotype and some paratypes in coll. Tiroler Landesmuseum, Innsbruck, Austria; one paratpe in coll. Rücker, Germany, one paratype in coll. Cornacchia, Italy. Detailed description and five figures of the male genitalia and the habitus are provided.

Wolfgang H. Rücker

Typenstudium von Diarthrocera formicaephila Broun, 1893 aus New Zealand (Coleoptera: Latridiidae). Abstract. Based on a study of type specimens, the following new synonym and new combination is established: Corticaria formicaephila (Broun, 1893) comb. nov., Diarthrocera syn. nov., a lectotype is designated for: Corticaria formicaephila (Broun, 1893) comb. nov.